Origins and Development of the Irish Draught Horse

Draught Horse
Origins and Development of the Irish Draught Horse

Author: Colin A. Lewis
ISBN: 0 906602 475
Format/extent: 178 x 252 mm; xvi + 142 pp, paperback
Illustrations: 66 plates, 26 figures (including 14 pedigree charts), 3 tables
Publication: November 2004
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Irish Draught horses are essential foundation stock for the production of the non-thoroughbred Irish Sport Horses that presently dominate many of the show jumping arenas and eventing courses of the world. The development of the Irish Draught is traced from the seventeenth century, when the Irish Hobby was transformed into a warm blooded light draught horse. The fortunes of the evolving breed are followed as political, economic and social developments impacted upon horses and horse breeding. The future of the breed in the new millennium is assessed and blood lines and pedigrees are discussed.

This book contains many plates and pedigree charts and is profusely illustrated. The importance of Irish Draught blood in the breeding of show jumpers is emphasised.

This is a book for all who are interested in Irish history, in the equine heritage of the country and in the development of a distinctive breed of fine horses.

Colin A. Lewis is Professor of Geography at Rhodes University in South Africa and a horseman who lived in Ireland for over two decades. His previous books include Hunting in Ireland and Horse breeding in Ireland and the role of the Royal Dublin Society.