Murder at Marlhill

Murder at Marlhill
Murder at Marlhill
Was Harry Gleeson innocent?

by Marcus Bourke

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At the end of the interview he stood up and said:

"The last thing I want to say is that I will pray tomorrow that whoever did it will be discovered, and that the whole thing will be like an open book.
I rely on you then to clear my name. I have no confession to make, only that I didn't do it. That is all. I will pray for you and be with you if I can, whenever you, [Mr. Seán MacBride], Mr. Nolan-Whelan and Mr. Timoney are fighting for justice'.

Last words of Harry Gleeson to Seán MacBride
Tuesday, 22 April 1941

The Author

Marcus Bourke has family connections with Tipperary. He is a barrister and served in the Attorney-General's office as a legislative draftsman for over twenty-five years. He is editor of the Tipperary Historical Journal.