The Language of Kilkenny

The Language of Kilkenny Cover
The Language of Kilkenny
Séamus Moylan


406 pp
ISBN 0 906602 70 X
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This volume consists of a lexicon or vocalbulary, followed by structural analyses of the phonology, morphology and semantics. An additional section reviews syntactic and rhetorical patterns within the language from which the lexicon is drawn, and a final chapter surveys the historical background from a linguistic perspective.

The Language of Kilkenny is local Irish English at work and play. Its contents were gleaned from men and women of the communities which make up this county, and it is their knowledge, vitality and humour that give the book its tone and substance as well as its organic, democratic character.

Replete with "speaks" and idioms that are racy (even earthy) and entertaining, the language presented and interpreted here is a composite with the strength, colour and texture of its elements: not Kilkenny marble, but Kilkenny conglomerate.